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Best Practices for Install Script Installer

Hello -> asking on behalf of  Keysight Technologies,

I have a software directory structure I would like to build an .msi type installer for. 

Is there a way to have the .msi set to a regression and to a repository so I can merge changes ect?

The software updates on a weekly bases and I'd like to script the build for this. Something I can execute to automatically grab all the new files and build the .msi

Today I'm using the install script UI but it is very prone to user error because of the frequency I have to do this.

Specifically I'd like to :

1. Add the new files (not change any settings)

2. Build the .msi

If there is some sample script for this I'd appreciate the help!




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Level 3

Short answer, yes, fully automated. IS does have a pretty robust Automation Interface as well (I've never had to use this). However, this can be very simple if you are automating an install process to just uninstall and re-install everything - no need to worry about versioning rules, updating product codes, very complex if you are going to be running Major/Minor upgrades or even worse, automate patching especially if you are constantly adding or removing files. Things can go array in a hurry if you are missing components in minor updates/patches.

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