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Basic MSI and installing SQL Server Express

Hi, I try to install SQL Server Express as Custom Action in Basic MSI. And it fails. I looked at SQL Server installation logs and it looks like loop of entries:

Slp: Sco: Attempting to close service handle for service msiserver
 Slp: Sco: Attempting to close SC Manager
 Slp: Sco: Attempting to open SC Manager
Slp: Sco: Attempting to open service handle for service msiserver


Any ideas? I would like to have MSI running in command line, installing SQL Server Express if not present. Any alternative solutions?



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@kmisniak2 ,

Can you configure to install the SQL Server Express as a prerequisite in your Basic MSI project, instead of custom action.

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @kmisniak2 ,


Why not pre-requisite as an option?You can configure SQL express as an msi installation via Redistributables view.There are already predefined SQL express pre-requisites provided by InstallShield.

Below link can help you configure connecting with SQL connection from client:




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