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Auto uninstall before install

Hi all,

I am using InstallShield LE 21012 form Visual Studio as SingleImage.
I am trying to set my setup.exe to auto uninstall prev app before install but fail.
I saw in some thread that I should basically change my "Product Code" and increase my "Product Version".
In my "Upgrade Paths" I left blank "Min Version" and set "Include Min Version" to true.
"Max Version" is "1.00.0000" and "Include Max Version" to true.
I copied "Upgrade code" from "General Information" to "Upgrade Paths".

The problem is that my previous app is still exist on the "Uninstall a program".
however, I do see that before the installation it tries to uninstall the previous app.

I'd appreciate your help.
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I'm using InstallShield GUI for this so not sure how to access this from "InstallShield LE 21012 form Visual Studio".

However, in IS GUi, you should have 2 upgrade items, one which I believe is there by default and that is the PreventDowngrade with Products sharing my Upgrade Code. It has the minimum product version set to the current version and upper version range blank.

The other item would have the "Any earlier versions" option sharing the same Upgrade Code.

Again - check to make sure Upgrade codes are the same and yes, change the current product code and increase the version.
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When the older version is already installed and when you try to install a new version, you might get an error stating-

"Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel."

To avoid this and to automatically uninstall and remove previous versions of your applications, please try the following:

-> In Solution Explorer go to "General Information" page
-> Increase the Product Version
-> Generate a new Product Code
-> Make sure that ALLUSERS property has the same value as in the old package
-> Go to "Upgrade Paths" page and add the old MSI
-> Build and install your new version

When running this new package it should automatically detect and remove older versions.

You may also want to have a look at the below link which gives more information about upgrades:

Please let us know if you require any further assistance on this.

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Level 2

I try it but I can't upgrade my application without uninstall the package !

For example , I specify this :

Min version 1.00.00000

Max version : Nothing

I supress ispreventdowngrade.

And the package is not installed.!

Are you a solution ?
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