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Level 5

Asynchronous Custom Action / SpawnWaitDialog

Dear all!

I'm trying to implement a Wait Dialog in my BASIC MSI project. The dialog should be displayed when the user clicks on a certain button.

As I've already figured out i need to use SpawnWaitDialog.

So here's what I did:

1. Created a "WaitDialog".

2. Created an InstallScript CustomAction "DoSomeStuff":

MsiSetProperty(hMsi, "ActionFinished", "X");

I noticed somewhere in this forum that this Immediate CustomAction needs to be run asynchronously so I chose "Asynchronous (Waits for exit code)" as Asynchronous (No wait for completion) does not seem to be available for InstallScript CustomActions.

3. Created a Button on an existing dialog and added the following events:

Now here's what I don't get: The WaitDialog appears correctly but does not disappear anymore. I did some tests without the WaitDialog and as I figured out the CustomAction is NOT beeing started... Funnily enough the CustomActions seems to be called if I click on the Cancel button of the installer (!).

If anybody has already tried to implement such a Wait Dialog with InstallScript and Basic MSI I'd really appreciate his help!

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Level 5

I'd really appreciate your help!!

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