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Level 4

Anyone with older Premier (and Silver maintenance) able to get the IS2016 upgrade?

Hi all,

I realize this isn't a technical issue, but I've tried the support site KB and attempted to open a case without success. The "Open new case" form at the new site seems to be broken for InstallShield, I get a "Product: Validation Error" response no matter what version of InstallShield I select.

I'm on 2013 Premier now, but when I follow the KB steps to get a 2016 license by going to the store and entering my maintenance plan and account, the error is "This Maintenance Plan cannot be fulfilled at this time."

For anyone else with this issue, how did you resolve it? A phone call? An email to sales? Putting a completely different product in the "open case" form?

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Level 9

I'd think a phone call to Flexera. They have specific people standing by that deal with licensing issues and they should be able to tell you if your agreement includes free upgrades from 2013 to 2016.

I run only Premier versions and a Silver plan that is renewed each year so I get the upgrades at no extra cost as it is part of the agreement. If I don't renew on a given year then I believe the free upgrades stop in that case.

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