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InstallShield Knowledge says: "Beginning with InstallShield 2010, the ALLUSERS property is set to 1 by default in all new InstallScript MSI projects."

What about plain InstallScript projects, does this rule also apply?

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Hi @shaubenthal ,

ALLUSERS property has to be set via InstallScript language which in turn for MSI it is bit different.As you mentioned it can be modified via property manager.(for MSI)

The below link can help you since it explains how do we set ALL USERS for Installscript and what would be the impact?




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Hi Jenifer,

Thank you for the link. I assume our ALLUSERS should be ok.

The background story: In 2 of about 100 cases maintenance mode is not recognized. We suspect something went wrong with ALLUSERS because it would change the location of setup.ilg.

Do you know another condition which can trigger this behavior?

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Find document about pure InstallScript and the MAINTENANCE property here:

Furthermore: Maintenance experience can be squelched if a Registry key is not present on the client. The behavior involves deleting the Registry key based on the existence of the uninstall log. When you install a pure InstallScript project this is added to the Registry:

LogFile has a value: C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{YOUR_PRODUCT_CODE}\setup.ilg

Delete data 'LogFIle' and the next time you run your built InstallScript package it should run without maintenance.

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