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-4340: Internal build error

I have several install projects that were previously working, but now I receive the -4340: Internal build error every single time I build the installer project. I have tried to clean my solution, rebuild the release version, rebuild the installer, but have had absolutely no luck resolving this issue. Please help me move past this issue so that I can provide the newest installer files for my clients.
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Flexera jlynch11

Re: -4340: Internal build error

It could be an issue with the InstallShield installation or Visual Studio intergration. I would suggest the following to troubleshoot the issue:
- Run a Repair of InstallShield
- Uninstall/reinstall InstallShield
- Manually register the files IsExpEdt.dll, IsExpPkg.dll, and IsExpWiz.dll to enable integration (full instructions for this are found here.
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Intrepid explorer


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Re: -4340: Internal build error

I have Installshiell 2015 LE and get the same error .Tried a lot of things but it does not still work.

I have read on stackoverflow that there is a hotfix on this issue.

Please, where can I fond this hotfix ?

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Flexera JohnTech

Re: -4340: Internal build error

The below hotfixed file can be applied to InstallShield 2015 Limited Edition:

Extract the ISUtil.dll from the .zip file to the folder location below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2015LE\System
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