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InstallShield 2015 installation process hangs for Windows 2016 in docker


I'm trying to install InstallShield 2015 Premier and/or SAB edition inside Windows 2016 Core docker container (version 1803 from official microsoft hub https://hub.docker.com/r/microsoft/windowsservercore)
This windows version only has commandline interface so I'm running it using this kind of commands:

InstallShield2015StandaloneBuild.exe /silent /debuglog /v"/qn /l*v msi.log"
InstallShield2015PremierComp.exe /silent /debuglog

It looks like that both of these installers at some point calls ISRegSpy.exe -installdrv and unfortunately calling this application with this parameter hangs installation process.
Does anyone know why this hangs for Windows Server Core?
Any advice how to skip this step or make it working?

Jaroslaw Niec

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I have the exact same issue, but I'm trying with InstallShield 2016 SP2.
My intern managed to find a workaround after quite a long while of investigation and it appears that it works properly if the docker host is Windows Server 2016 AND has InstallShield installed on the host OS. Then, the docker image will build successfully.

I attached the relevant parts of the event log and the install log.
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