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Level 2

3rd party hooks into ISMP

Hi all.

I want to write a 3rd party application to help a user install a product that is out of my control. I just want a different window open while they navigate the installer. I need to know the panel index or the user's selections upon the next button so I know what additional info to display.

Is there any hooks into the next button I can use as a 3rd party? Like a java class I register w/the ISMP so it will call my app each time next is pressed?

In addition - is there any data I can query to determine what panel the installer is on?

Lastly - can I determine what data was inputted upon the next click?
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Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

You can launch a 3'rd party app or installer using the Execute Process action bean. You can customize what happens when the user clicks the Next button on a certain panel by modifying that panel's queryExit() event.
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