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32 & 64 bit registry

I'm currently working on an installer for MSIL components, the components that are being installed will be accessing the registry and the installer is only creating the keys in the WOW6432Node. I was first under the impression that registry reflection would solve this issue but it seems not.

I have created two different releases (template summary: x64;0 for one Intel;0 for the other) the 64 bit release is still writing to the 32 bit registry, I guess this is because there is no components marked as 64 bit. I'm under the impression that marking a component in a merge module as 64 bit would mean managing two sets of merge modules.

So, how can I get it to write to both the 64 bit registry and the 32 bit registry?
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Level 5

I have the same problem. Could you solve it?
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