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problem: "source path" values do not save


I changed some hardcoded directories in my installer-project to "source paths".

Everything worked fine on my linux machine.

When I moved the project to a windows machine, I found a serious problem:
* InstallAnywhere prompts me for the sourcepaths upon startup
* I specify the two locations for the sourcepath variables
* I save the project

Next time I start up, InstallAnywhere again asks me for the source paths.

I tried adding environment variables for the two source path variables, but IA does not recognize them.

a) why doesn't IA save these source path values?
b) where does it store them? I don't see them in the project file on either system

follow up:
c) when I run the ant buildInstaller task, how can I specify the values for source path variables. If I do not specify them, will build Instalelr use environment variables?
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Level 20

Normally, IA saves this information on a per-usis basis. Normally, you have to set them only once (i.e. if for instance on your Linux machine you would have set $PATH_TO_RESOURCES$ to be /home/user/src on Windows that would become C:\src). Normally the files that store this information (and other preferences) are to be found in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\InstallAnywhere\IAVersionNumber (in case you have more than one version installed). Then again, reread my first sentence: in case you logged with one user on Windows and set your source path and then you log with another user, I'm afraid you'll need to that again for the other user.

And finally, there is this REALLY OLD bug in IA where you set the source paths with an unregistered version, they look set, you close the Advanced Designer and they're gone, only the second time they're taken into account!...
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Level 3

I found the solution.

I sniffed out the 'changed file' from my linux machine in the ~/.InstallAnywhere directory.

The file (plaintext) contained the sourcepath information.

My windows version lacked that file, even after I updated the source path and saved the file.

I copied the file from linux to windows and restarted. IA prompted me for the new values and saved them correctly.

To summarize:
1) It didn't create the ''
2) once I manually created it, IA re-populated this file.
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