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Speed folders creating zero length files

I have 2 folders full of install scripts for Oracle. Both folders are very similar but different because one if for an x86 unix machine, and the other is for a sparc unix machine.

The folders are named unix_sparc, and unix_x86 appropriately.

Whichever folder is 2nd in the order of creating the speed folders from these directories ends up having most of its files set to zero length, and are emptied out. only 5 of the 23 files in the 2nd folder don't get emptied. The other 18 files get emptied out. They are there, just their contents are gone.

I have also noticed that the first folder to be created always has just one file emptied out.
this file is named
and the contents are a basic unix shell script.



/usr/bin/su - oracle -c "${ORACLE_HOME}/bin/sqlplus sys/change_on_install as sysdba @${SCRIPTS_DIR}/createPfile.sql

as you can see, there is nothing special about these files that would indicate the files not being copied correctly.

does anyone have any ideas, or have ever seen this behavior?
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Level 20

Would it be possible for you to post your project?
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Level 5

You may have to replace $ with $DOLLAR$. for example ${ORACLE_BASE} as $DOLLAR${ORACLE_BASE}. This happens usually because IA treats anything between 2 $'s as a variable and replaces it with an empty string
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