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Level 5

How to retain values in the custome code panel

hi all,

i got a new problem in the custom code panel ... i am getting the values from the jTextFields ,but the problem is when i move to next panel and come back to the same and after editing the textfields ..textfield.getText() does not retrieve the right values(values after edited) instead it shows the previous values..

to avoid that i created an object and populate it with the setter methods of the class and set it in IA variables.setVariable.. when setupUI is called i retrieve that object and populate the textfields with the getter methods ... but still the getText() method retrieve the old values..

was my approach right.. am i missing something very basic here... hope someone will point out some thing fatal going on in my code..

i have attached my code also here... pls have a look at it and let me know the solution...

thanks in advance..
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Level 5

im sorry for two different posts..
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