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Setting Environment Variable

I have created one Solaris Installer using InstallAnywhere 2008 Enterprise edition.Now my requirement is to set one solaris environment variable to "null".How can I do it.?

The only option I see is in the "Install" part where I get the action of setting Environment Variable.But what value will I set.Will it be left blank or will it be the string null.?.And is there anything else (for example RefreshEnvironment panel that I have to use after adding this solaris environment variable).
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Level 6


write a shell script like this pass the value how you want.

#! /usr/bin/bash
cp /.dtprofile /.dtprofile_backup
grep -v "export TEST_EN_HOME" /.dtprofile_backup > /.dtprofile
echo "export TEST_EN_HOME=" >> /.dtprofile
. /.dtprofile
sed "s|TEST_EN_HOME=.*|TEST_EN_HOME=xxxxxxxx|g" /.dtprofile > tmp
mv tmp /.dtprofile
. /.dtprofile
sleep 1

copy the shell script to your solari machine and keep this in one file (
and execute this file based on your requierment.

in the above shell script "xxxxxxx" keep your vlaue.and "TST_EN_HOME" keep u r varible name.

standared way of calling ""file EX:. ./
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