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Set env & Restart Windows?

Have the latest version of Install Anywhere Enterprise edition.

In the installer we set a number of environment variables.

As a post-install process we have a "Install Complete Panel".

When the installer runs the install success screen shows, but no restart windows prompt is displayed, which is supposed to be part of the all embracing new "Install Complete Panel".

My guess is the restart is only applicable to files that need to be replaced during reboot due to being in use. Therefore updating the environment that env variables have been set/changed does not trigger the dialogue ;(

One solution could be to use the plug-in refresh environment, but we have found on some computers that this process can wait forever due to some top level program now replying to the plug-in windows sdk sendMessage call.

OK we could change the C code to sendMessage with timeout, bt then you do not know if the variables are now seen by the OS!

So we would like to reboot when variables set (ideally added or changed).

It also appears the $RESTART_NEEDED$ is read-only so can't use that either.

I guess we will have to have a 'Restart Windows' action with a rule applied, but then we do not have the nice 'Install Complete' panel which can show errors, warnings etc.
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well this is james here
And i give you a solution for giving an option to the end user in the install complete panel for restarting the system
Do like this:

1.Set installanywhere variable:

2.Then go the panel install complete general settings
check the show restart needed messages check box
When $RESTART_NEEDED$ equals No
check the check box :
Ask "do you want to restart"

3.Add a restart windows panel after the install complete panel and add two rules on it:



Try it and revert back for any clarifications
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I have problem with getting the restart windows to pop up the user-input to restart, and followed these steps. it doesn't work. any more ideas?
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