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How to load a DLL file during pre-install

I have a DLL file to load during pre-install. I already have written a working custom code which loads it and utilize it. I have written it in a way that it search within default IA classpath during installation.

I have hacked bundled linux vm to be included in the path but can't get the same strategy working on windows. I am trying to resolve it in normal way.

The DLL file is only being used during the installation so I included it in DO_NOT_INSTALL in install steps. Yet, I have no idea how to access it. I tried to extract the file using given plugin but ended up with null pointer exception. Probably my syntax is wrong.

Any help/suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.
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Level 3

Updating to my own post....

I managed to get around with the issue with vm repackaging. Still it's not a legitimate way to resolve the problem. I need to deploy mac installer as well and I can't include vm with it by nature.

One thing I noticed during the testing is this DO_NOT_INSTALL thing. If I add any file but mark it under DO_NOT_INSTALL, does the file still appear in file? That's how I expected it to be but I do not see it inside the zip file during installation.
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