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Regarding Multilingual Installer

Hi All,

I have created a Installer in English, French, Chinese and Japanese Locales and then run the installer in other than English locale (OS is in English locale) i.e. French.
Mentioned below are my queries:

1.The browsing dialog takes the path of file/folder in English not in French locale.
Does it mean that this is the functionality of InstallAnywhere to take the browsing path or value from registry in English locale only whatever locale is selected for the installation?

2. I have installed Windows XP in Japanese locale on system and found the environment variables, registry entries and drive's path in English only not in japanese.
Is this the general behavior for all locales i.e. the registry, environment variables and drive path always occur in English locale?

3. As i have given the support of English, French, Chinese and Japanese Locales to the installer but while installing it on English OS it gives the option of choosing locale as English and French only not other two. Is it due to not supporting of Chinese and Japanese characters on my OS? I have changed the regional and language setting on my system to support all east Asian locales.

Could anyone please let me the answer of these queries?

Thanks and Regards,
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