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End user installation issues with Installanywhere

I have been trying to install an educational program for two days now and I'm having issues with the Installanywhere Self Extractor. (File Version

I have downloaded the program several times from company website and each time I try to install their program, the first thing that opens is the Installanywhere application from Flexera Software. This install gets to 99% and then prompts me to "Choose another location to extract the installer to:" No matter what location I choose , I get the same result. (I have 3 different drives I can install to, all of which have 30gb - 80gb free) This computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate, has 50gb of free space on the C: drive and exceeds all requirements for the program I am trying to install.

I am however able to download and install the program on a different computer which is running Windows Vista Home Basic. But I really need this program to run on the Windows 7 computer. I'm not getting any error messages (other than the "Choose another location" screen) and cannot find any error logs that might direct me to a missing system file in Win7 or let me know that the downloaded file is corrupt. I really feel like I'm feeling around in the dark here. Tech support from the company that made the program has been useless. Their advice is to keep downloading the file repeatedly until it works but they couldn't even verify the correct file size for me.

Any advice you can give me is appreciated.
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I've seen this error before. Basically, what happens is this: your installer is corrupt, so the size it thinks it has of the file instead is something bigger than your disk. So that's why no matter what drive you choose the disk space is never enough. So in the first place I would say you try and download it again (and possible if they've got MD5 or some other checking mechanism you should check that the size of your downloaded installer is the same as the original one). On the other hand you should look for support for this educational program with its creators, and not here, as these are forums for developer support (i.e they, the creators, come here for help, and not you the end user).
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