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Question-How to install a file from the Pre-Install section in IA2008?

I am looking for a solution or pluging that allow me to install a file from the "pre-install" area instead of the current "install" area. I have been checking the IA2008's forum as well as the custom code stored in the Macrovision web side without success. I will appreciate any help on this matter.

A litter bit more:
A special validation need to be conducted on a specific file(driver) from an input step or panel allocated in the pre-install area. What we need :

Actions in the Pre- install area.
_Select and encapsulated the file from the pre-install area (pending for solution)
_Install the file in a temporal folder (pending for solution)
_From an input step located in the pre-install area to validate the file (done).
_Delete the file from the temporal folder(done).

Note: All this needs to happen before the installation of the whole application's package. Currently is the "install" task the only one designated to encapsulated files that will be installed.
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Level 7

You can add your file(s) in the install step. Just put them in the DO_NOT_INSTALL folder. Then in the preinstall, use the Extract to File plugin and extract the file to your temp or $INSTALLER_TEMP_DIR$ directory
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Level 3

Thank you very much..! That is exactly what I was needing and is working very well...!
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