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Level 4

Partial builds still need all files to be present

If my project file creates Windows and Linux installers, is there a way to build just the Windows installer without having to have all the files used to build the Linux installer available ? Currently when I ask it to "Build", InstallAnywhere reports missing "referenced" files even if they are not used for the Windows installer at all, which means I have to assemble both sets of platform files even if I want to generate only one installer.

I had hoped the Build Configuration and/or Tags features would help with this, but apparently not.
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Level 20

Your builds are from the Advanced Designer or from the command line?
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Level 6

Hi arrbee,

You would need the entire set of linux and windows files in this case to build the project.

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Level 4

Ok, thanks for confirmation that I need all the files present - I had been wondering whether I could consolidate a couple of dozen project files into one using the Build Configurations feature, but if I need to generate all the files for all of the configurations every time I want to build a single one then that would be worse than now.

( I know the command line build has an option to ignore errors, unfortunately this makes it difficult to identify real errors. )
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