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Merge Module Installation error on Windows x64 bit

There are three projects. One project is parent of two merge modules.
The installation of the first merge module is finishing fine.
After that are performing the pre-install of the second merge module, pre-install of the parent and starting of install of parent till the launching from the parent of install of secong merge module.
Here I get the exception:

IOException : While starting the RMI serverListen failed on port: 0; nested exception is: Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 10106: create
Subinstaller variable dir: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\1\845067.tmp
Merge Modules Installed
Retrying Installables deferred in pass 0
Deferral retries done because:
There were no deferrals in the last pass.

The same project as not merge module is installed without problems.

OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition SP2
InstallAnywhere 2011 SP2.

Thanks in advance
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Level 2

To solve this problem of installation of Merge Module Installation error on W2003-R2-64 the checkbox Install (Project->Advanced->Windows WOW64) in the project of Merge Module must be selected.
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