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Use relative directory path when setting shortcut icon?

I am using InstallAnywhere 2011, Enterprise Edition to build a kit for Windows. With the Create Alias, Link, Shortcut action, I can use "Alias, Shortcut Icon" to select an icon to use for the shortcut. However, it only allows me to use an absolute filename. We have multiple developers who check out the project into their own directories, and we would like to have all paths be relative so that they resolve to the user's own directory.

In general, this works OK using a variable for the base directory. But I have not been able to use the variable when selecting the icon file.
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You can place files in any of the pre-defined source paths(See Edit > Preferences > Source Paths). This lets you use variable in path. e.g., $IA_PROJECT_DIR$ will resolve to the location of .iap_xml

You may also define your own source paths.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Ramya,

Your response leads me to several other questions.

1. I have already defined a variable for the source path, which I named SRC_DIR, and I had to give an absolute path as the value for the variable. My .ico file is in a location covered by this path, but my .iap_xml file still contains the absolute path for the ico. It seems like the "Alias, Shortcut Icon" part of the Create Alias panel is not looking at the path variables.

2. When I created SRC_DIR, I gave a full path within my private copy of my checked project tree. If a different developer opens the IA project in their own directory, they have to define the variable to point that their directory tree.

Is it possible for me to define a path variable that references $IA_PROJECT_DIR$ ? In my case, my project has a structure something like:


"base" is the root directory for the project, and there are a number of toplevel subdirs inside base. My .iap_xml file is in the 'windows' directory shown first in the list above, so IA_PROJECT_DIR is pointing to that directory. I would like to define a new variable, like SRC_DIR, as $IA_PROJECT_DIR$/../../../src
Is that possible? I can't seem to do this using the gui.
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1. You may use a gif icon instead of a ".ICO" (in the same choose Alias action)
The gif link should be able to resolve variable while the .ICO is not.

I posted this some time ago.

I already opened an incident to flexera support a year ago regarding this but they only fixed the installer icon part, not the alias part (fixed by IOA-000063136 in 2011 SP1).

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