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InstallAnywhere deletes installation logs created for first time.


I am working on an installer based on InstallAnywhere. I am facing an issue that if I run installer for very first time on a machine, it creates installation logs in logs directory under destination folder. Now if I uninstall application then after successful uninstallation, it deletes installation file (created during installation) and puts uninstallation log file there. This happens only for first time when there is no log directory available on user's machine and user install-uninstall application for first time, don't know why :confused:. On subsequent installation or uninstallation, it works fine and no old log file gets deleted. Please note that the check box in InstallAnywhere for uninstalling logs is clear so it is expected that no log file should be deleted by InstallAnywhere.

It would be very appreciable if someone can help me to know that where is the issue and why InstallAnywhere is deleting first installation log file on first uninstallation.

Thanks in advance.

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This has been noted as an issue.

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