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Pattern matching during checking for existence of a FILE?

Hi Friends,
I am using InstallAnywhere 2009 and I should say it is awesome installer kit. i worked on Installshield and Install4J also a little.. overall i like InstallAnywhere...

I have a typical requirement to be able to use PATTERN MATCHING to identify existence of a FILE and also capture the name of the FILE in a variable so that i can use it later..

Here is my scenario:

I need to create an installer for a product which support MULTIPLE VERSIONS of an API, like sdkapiv1.jar, sdkapiv1_3.jar, sdkapiv1_3_build2.jar, etc, whose existence need to be verified from a USER SELECTED DIRECTORY during installation. The pattern is sdkapiv followed by any string and .jar something like sdkapiv*.jar

I want to create my installer in such a way that i can use it to check if a file matching pattern exists in the folder selected by user sdkapiv*.jar and also want to KNOW the file name so that I can ADD in CLASS PATH file during end of installation.

Just wanted to check from experts of InstallAnywhere.. if whatever i am thinking is POSSIBLE or not? If so, how i can accomplish it in InstallAnywhere 2009. If not in 2009 does it exists in 2010 or 2011?

Eagerly waiting for your inputs and guidance on how i can handle this.

Thanks a lot.

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If my memory is correct (I don't have an InstallAnywhere at hand), I think that there was a Find File/Folder built-in action you could use.
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