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Incomplete installation of IA 2009 Evaluation

I uninstalled IA 2009 Enterprise and then reinstalled.

Now, when I run build.exe, I get

This is an incomplete installation of InstallAnywhere 2009 Evaluation

When I reinstalled, it did not ask me to register again. It already has my registration info. I don't know where it is stored on the disk, but I can see it in InstallAnywhere Preferences. It's not in the registry unless it is encrypted or otherwise encoded.

I saw an archived post for this same problem for InstallAnywhere 2008, but I saw no resolution.

Anyway, be careful when you uninstall and reinstall, it breaks the product.

Anyone have a fix?
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Level 3

OK, turns out the "InstallAnywhere preferences" information is in a preferences folder under

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\InstallAnywhere\100\Enterprise

Delete the "preferences" folder and the next time you start IA 2009, you get to register again and that fixes the problem.
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