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IA2011 Hangs While Opening .iap_xml Files

After a recent upgrade from IA2010, and a subsequent command-line build failure due to a
lack of disk space, I can no longer open my .iap_xml files.

Symptoms (all actions are in Advanced Designer, on Linux):

Opening any existing file from IA2010 (never before opened by
IA2011), or any existing file previously opened in IA2011, hangs
before the progress bar.

Opening an existing IA2010 file, where resources are missing,
allows the user to locate the resources, but then hangs.

Creating a new .iap_xml file opens, even after making a small change,
saving that file and then re-opening.

While the file is being "opened," CPU usage on the Java task for
IA is moderate (~25%)

I've let IA execute in this state for two hours, hoping that it would
eventually load. Still, the .iap_xml file does not load.

I've attached an offending .iap_xml file to this message.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Level 7


Can you please attach the resources as well?

Also, I see that you have build the project With VM. Are all the vm packs available in your new IA_HOME\resource\installer_vms folder?

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Level 6

Before opening the project file, try setting the initial heap size to "134217728"(128M), and the maximum heap size to "540016640" (512M) in InstallAnywhere.lax file. This file is present in $IA_HOME$ location.

Below is the snippet the heap settings.

# -----------------------------------------
# the initial heap size for the Java VM

# -------------------------------------
# the maximum heap size for the Java VM

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