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Level 9

I want to distibute the flow of installer in preinstall task

i want to separate the flow of installer in the preinstall task after the "chose install set" action.
So i have panel which are meant for typical flow and for minimal flow and dialogs meant for typical flow and minimal flow.
Basing upon which i need to deploy the files in the install task for typical and minimal and even in the post install task, i want some actions to take place only when chosen install set is typical.
I am adding a rule to each and every panel as "if $CHOSEN_INSTALL_SET$ equals Typical ,display some panel in the pre install task and similarily some panel or get user inputs need to be displayed basing upon choosen install set is typical or minimal From there i am capturing the inputs and doing proper actions .
But to my surprise the panels are not getting displayed properly in the preinstall task .Am i going wrong somewhere
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Level 7

Using Action Groups in your pre-install will help very much. This way you can put rules on the action groups instead of every action.

Using the Output Debug Information action is also very helpful. This way you can see what all of the IA variables evaluate to at the time you call the output.

The CHOSEN_INSTALL_SET variable gets set to the "Short Name" of the install set. Go back to the Organization\InstallSets tab and double check your Short Name for your install sets.
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