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Level 9

Am i right in this?

If i want to execute some action or display some panel only when both the rules are true, this is what i am doing????
I am adding two rules on that action or panel by adding first rule and then clicking "AND" in the rule list and adding the second one.
Am i going wrong anywhere.
Looking for some feedback on the rule list (use of "AND" and "OR")
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Level 5

Hi, my AND command work... maybe check the conditions manually if they are really true...
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Level 9

can you tell me how to use the "AND " rule and the "OR" rule.
For executing an action only if both the conditions are true ,shall i use "AND " rule and for executing the action if any of the condition is true shall i use "OR".
Is this what i am supposed to do.
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Level 7

As long as you only have 2 rules: YES!

Best Regards,
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