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Level 4

How to print the license agreement


I have an installer with a license agreement pannel, now I've been asked to implement a print button in that pannel so the user can read the license agreement, and also hit that button and print it. Does anyone have any clue about how to do that?

Thanks a lot
Alberto E.
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Level 7

i dont think it is possible.. for this u may have to write your own license agreement panel with print button
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Level 20

As a workaround, that I know has existed in IA for some versions now, is to enable the next button in the License Agreement screen only if the end user scrolls to the end so you may say that they've "read" the EULA. Or, at least in my case, I display a HTML file, I click inside, hit CTRL+A, copy and paste it in Word, keeps all the HTML formatting, then I can hit Print if I want...
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