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Error with Installanywhere installer in silent mode

Hello Team,

I am facing an error during silent installation on Linux RHEL OS.
Check below:

Status: ERROR Additional Notes: ERROR - java.lang.StackOverflowError


I am not understanding the reason behind it since installer works fine in UI mode. Please help.



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Is it possible to share the installation logs with us?

Make below setting in InstallAnywhere IDE,

Project>General Settings>Log Settings

  Enable Logging -> yes

  Install ->select checkbox

  Include Debug Output(stderr and stdout) -> Yes

Project>JVM Settings>Optional Installer Arguments

  Additional Arguments -> -Dlax.debug.all=true -Dlax.debug.level=5

Build the installer and install the same. 

Once installation is completed log fill be generated in $USER_INSTALL_DIR$$\$_$PRODUCT_NAME$_installation$\$Logs$/$

Please share the same.

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