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Display dialog panel based on Java Custom Action return value

Hi all,

I am stucking on this problem for 2 days now, please help.

I have installshield 2012 professional version and I am able to invoke my Java application (custom action) from installshield.
My Java application throws Exception if the operation fails. And if so I want the installer display a dialog with the exception message I thrown to the user and return to the installer panel where they are.
However as soon as the custom action throws exception (Which means the application didn't end with code 0) installshield consider the installation process fails.

I've tried many ways such as creating a temp file or registry key but the condition builder for dialog behavior only look into the properties managed by "Property Manager". And when I go to "Property manager" view it seems only accept hard coded value or existing local value. I am seeking for setting the property value from my Java application but I don't know how.

Please help.

Really appreciate.
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This query supposed to be posted in Installshield forum.


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