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Manage Appliance certificate

I have some questions about Appliance Certificate Management feature:


1. "The Common Name of the certificate must match the Server Name provided in the configuration" - Does the Server Name means the name we put for virtual machine when import OVF file? Or each appliance has its own name?


2. Can I use wildcard certificate for both RN150 and FDP? Is there anyway to disable check revocation between them?


Thank you.


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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran
  1. Server Name needs to match the CN of the certificate. For example, if the certificate is issued to, then Server Name needs to be set to The Server Name does not need to match e.g. the name of the VM in VMware, only the certificate.

  2. Wildcard certs are not supported on FlexDeploy. The RN150 does not support custom certificates at this time.

Hello @RCharette ,

Thank you for your reply,


Can we access to FDP terminal to change the server name or change it via web interface?