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Cloudscape API listeners and assets don't match, and high ports are called listeners

When I do this call: /stacks/getListeners/{stackid}

I get back a list of ip:port pairs. Summarized by IP address there are 22 unique IP addresses.

When I do this call /assets/getAssets/byStack/{stackid} for the same stackid

I get back a list of hosts (assets) with a lot of attributes per host. There are 18 unique hosts. I take this to mean that there are 18 host members in the stack.

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Question 1: Why does the listener call return data for hosts that aren't in the stack?

Question 2: The getListeners call returns port numbers that are obviously not listening ports, they are high tcp ephemeral ports. We don't trust that what Cloudscape calls a listener is indeed a listener. Please explain your methodology for determining what is listening.

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I can see that you're in touch with Flexera Support on this issue.

Please update this thread with its resolution when you get it resolved if you think other forum members would benefit from it.