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Grow setup checklist

  • Subscribe to our Learning Labs and Webinars blog
  • View the "Getting Started with" Learning Center series for your capabilities and products
  • Help educate others by participating

Grow your teams' skills 

We help you educate your team.

Attend events

We hold a variety of online events throughout the year, such as our Flexera Connect events in the European region. Subscribe to our Learning Labs and Webinars blog to stay informed when these opportunities open. 

Access online training and courses

You have on-demand access to nearly 50 training videos and guides. Each product and capability has a technically focused "Getting Started with" series. These are fantastic complements to our documentation. We recommend all administrators review the information. Visit our Learning Center. 

Share with others

We encourage all customers to share what works for you and to help others find answers. After all, a rising tide floats all boats. We recognize our top 10 contributors each month and would love to see your team represented. 

We also know the importance reviews can play for someone who's looking for the best solution that works for them and their company. By sharing your experience, you can “pay it forward” to colleagues who are evaluating solutions. We encourage our customers to share their stories via Gartner Peer Insights and G2. Additional details may be found at, "Why reviewing products is important."

Finally, a growing company can continue to offer greater opportunities. Help us grow our customer base and customer expertise by sharing your work with us. Let your Account Manager know if we can add your logo on our website, work with you to craft a case study (we can make it anonymous by industry) to share what's possible with others. 

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Knowledge base article header content

Congratulations - you are well on your way to achieving the goals you set out to accomplish.As you explore the Flexera Community, you'll probably want to maximize your experience. Never fear. This section is built to be a roadmap to help you navigate. We've got you covered--from technical support to exploring our Learning Center videos to learning from our subject matter experts in the forum. We're here to support your journey every step of the way.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed. We're here to help you get acquainted with our community and content, easing you in gradually. And don't worry about taking it all in at once.

To kick things off, we'll keep it simple: setup checklists. Our most successful customers go through them, and you should, too.

  • Maintain your success
  • Improve results with each release and every upgrade
  • Shape product improvements
  • Grow your teams' skills

Okay, what's next?

You have two options for what to do next. Choose your own adventure...

Option 1: Feeling ambitious? You can jump into the community and start connecting. Now that you're set-up, it's time to get going and take action!

Now that you're set-up, it's time to get going and take action!

  • When you wonder ‘someone must already have a solution for this’…
    • ask the community a question or request feedback on something you're working on
    • share a customization or business skill that’s worked recently
  • When you found a way to automate something – share what works!

Option 2: Feel like lurking first? Totally cool. You can start browsing the community, reading through the digital resources, and cheer on (hit the “kudo”) on a few others’ posts and answers.

Any questions? Have an urgent need you want to dive right into? Just send a note, and we'll get you situated.

Thanks for being here. We'll see you on the inside.