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Your opinion about EOS-EOL?


Has anyone in the community created an internal process as to how one should manage EOL/EOS software applications? I have been tasked with creating and maintaining an end of life software process. If anyone in the community can provide some guidance on this matter it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Funny that this pops up, i been tasked with the exact same thing.... though i have been downloading this report for some time, its what actually gets done with it is the problem. We will probably use the same report i download monthly and then Flag products ending within a certain agreed period and work with other IT teams to resolve those installed apps. This report will be discussed is a monthly Governance Forum. 

My Question is:
Can the report be automated and a notification be set up? 

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Hello KGrieve & Pilgrim

Yes, with IT Visibility -- Inventory Exploration and Custom Dashboards.  You can set thresholds and notifications leveraging EOL/EOS data.