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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Containers pose a major challenge for IT


Organizations face challenges like never before with so many employees working remotely. So IT needs to keep up with demand for new devices, software and more while also keeping an eye on utilization, maintaining governance and optimizing spend.  


All this while managing assets in complex environments as more disruptive technologies enter the mix. And a big source of chaos in IT environments: containers. Managing licenses on-premises and in the cloud is demanding enough, but software running in containers adds an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to gaining complete IT visibility.


Managing containers can be tricky, and you can easily lose sight of applications and whether you’re license compliant. What’s more, with uncertainty of how container-based licensing will play out, compliance and cost issues may result. 


How Flexera One helps


With Flexera One, you’ll discover assets running in containers quickly and accurately, including those in Kubernetes. Plus, we now provide a single source of truth for IBM products sub-capacity licensing and reporting as well as granular transparency into Kubernetes OpenShift orchestrated containers.


With Flexera One, no stone is left unturned when it comes to visibility within your organization’s containers.  



Sept 21 Kubernetes Screenshot.png


Our latest release introduces a new tool for collecting device and software inventory in clusters managed by Kubernetes—the Flexera Kubernetes inventory agent—initially available on Linux x86_64 platforms. This is in addition to the existing FlexNet inventory agent, which as always remains available. 

The Flexera Kubernetes inventory agent brings new functionality in three key areas: 

  1. Resources—The Flexera Kubernetes inventory agent uses the Kubernetes API to collect resource information assigned to each cluster to report on nodes, pods and annotations assigned to images. 
  2. IBM License Service—For license compliance of IBM products running within Kubernetes clusters, use of the IBM License Service is mandatory for tracking/reporting sub-capacity consumption of purchased entitlements for the IBM VPC or IBM PVU licenses in use. 
  3. Inventory—The Flexera Kubernetes inventory agent can return software inventory from both the nodes and from container images running in your Kubernetes cluster(s). 


Visibility regardless of provider 

As part of our latest release regarding containers, we’ve also ensured our product is up to date with the latest version of AWS Kubernetes EKS. You can be assured our unified discovery clusters continue to run with a supported version of Kubernetes.


Want to see how we help you manage your container environment?  

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