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Flexera Alumni

Custom dashboards have been a great way for customers to centralize data and track costs. However, until now these were only viewable by the user who created them. The ability to share these dashboards has been one of our most requested features and we're excited to announce this capability is now available in Optima!


Dashboard Visibility 

When selecting a dashboard, you will now see three different types of dashboards and an “All” option which includes the default dashboard for your organization 

Private dashboards are dashboards that you have created and are only available to you while Public dashboards have been made available to every user in your organization. Built-In dashboards are created by Flexera and are available for every Optima user.  




 Flexera’s “Default” dashboard is selected as the landing page for your organization out-of-the-box. If a custom dashboard’s visibility is set to Default, then the dashboard will replace Flexera’s “Default” dashboard for your organization and will appear under the “Public” dashboard section.  




Sharing a Dashboard 

Users with the Enterprise Manager role can see the “Visibility” parameter when creating or editing a custom dashboard.  




The visibility of a custom dashboard is automatically set to Private. If you select the dropdown, you will see both Public and Default as other options. It is recommended to fully complete the dashboard before making the dashboard available to your organization. 




Once a dashboard’s visibility has been set to either public or default, users in your organization can search for the dashboard by using the dashboard filter. Custom dashboards also have unique URLs that allow members in your organization to share dashboards with other users via URL links.  


Your Feedback is Appreciated 

We hope you are as excited about this release as we are! As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please comment below to let us know your thoughts about this feature and any enhancements you wish to see.