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root.LicenseEngine (Daemon Name) exited with status -1073741819

I have 2 license servers with lmadmin 11.13.01. as follows

Server 1: Windows Server 2021 R2 Standard, 64 bit Operating System, 64 GB RAM --- This machine has *problem

Server 2: Windows Server 2021 R2 Standard,64 bit Operating System,8 GB RAM --- This machine works

As soon as the option file is added in the license.dat file , the message appears:
root.LicenseEngine (Daemon Name) exited with status -1073741819
If you remove the option file, the server runs without problems.

On Server 2, it works with an identical setup.

Please advice.

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Flexera Alumni

@suetmui  Could you please add the complete logs before and after adding the option file so that we can suggest further.

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Hello jyadav,

thanks for the reply.  Attached are the 2 files 

lmadmin _ after  : after the option file is added

lmadmin_before: before the option file is added


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@suetmui  This would require some investigation , I would suggest you to raise a case with us so that we can take it forward.

Please attach the option file to the case as well.

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