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Flexera beginner

Unable to fetch licenses from server


i ran lmgrd in server machine and opened the vendor deamon, server ports in windows firewall.

still i am not able figure out why my client machine unable to fetch the licenses.(LM_LICENSE_FILE = 27000@hostname).


Thanks in advance

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Flexera djoseph

Re: Unable to fetch licenses from server

Please give complete details of the error thrown by the FNP client.

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Flexera jmcmillan

Re: Unable to fetch licenses from server


As my colleague mentioned, adding the error that's thrown from your client application will help us to pinpoint the cause of your problem. The log file from the license server (lmgrd) would also be useful.

One other thing to try is to set the license path on your client machine to use the '<VENDOR_LICENSE_FILE>=27000@hostname' instead of 'LM_LICENSE_FILE = 27000@hostname'. You can add this by running the lmutil.exe tool using the following command:

lmutil.exe lmpath -add = <VENDOR_LICENSE_FILE>=27000@hostname

e.g. (FLEXERA_LICENSE_FILE=27000@hostname)

Hope this helps,

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