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Switching from 32 to 64 Bit

Hi FlexNet Support,

I used FlexNet Publisher, but we will now switch from 32 to 64 Bit -

Where can I find a corresponding package like x64_11.18.2 ?

I need to ensure compatibility to old license files and to my code, I just want to exchange







Yours Christian Appel

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @joerg_niederhu ,

You can download the 64 bit kit from Product and License Centre just like the 32 bit if you have an entitlement for it .

Product and Licensing centre ->FlexNet Licensing -> FlexNet Publisher ->Download the kit

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Hi jyadav,

I cannot see a 64 Bit variant in the FlexNet Publisher in Flexera Product and License center of 11.18.2:

Can you check it and give me another link or description ?

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Hi, if you cannot see the 64 bit SDK for download it means that your company has not been entitled to it. FlexNet Publisher has been sold on a "per platform" basis in the past. If you are not entitled to download an SDK, your company did not purchase the right to use it. Even if you had access to the SDK thru some other means, your FNP Vendor Keys would not work with it. Your company needs to contact Revenera Sales to see about purchasing the 64bit platform that you need or see about getting on a new contract that enables access to all platforms.

You will then get new vendor keys and will be entitled to download the appropriate SDKs.

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