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Is there a limitation on the number of Ethernet interfaces that lmhostid will detect?

I have set up a virtual machine in our private cloud to serve as our license server. I have set up 16 virtual NICs on this VM, i.e. eth0, eth1...eth15.

I have a valid FlexLM license file that matches the MAC/hostid on eth2, and that license server is working properly and can serve licenses.

When I issue the command "lmhostid" on this VM i receive the following output.

[jmarcedwards@890fafa6-00fe-ea3e-d161-cf87e6329f54 bin]$ lmhostid
lmhostid - Copyright (c) 1989-2011 Flexera Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The FLEXnet host ID of this machine is ""90b8d0f5c245 90b8d0b02466 90b8d035643d 90b8d07115ce 90b8d03c1c3b 90b8d09e78f9 90b8d0c0899a 90b8d03b6bbe 90b8d048b894 90b8d0c5b0b1""
Only use ONE from the list of hostids.
[jmarcedwards@890fafa6-00fe-ea3e-d161-cf87e6329f54 bin]$

Note that ONLY eth0-eth9 (the first 10 Ethernet interfaces) are listed. eth10-eth15 are not listed.

I'm suspicious that there is a limitation on the number of interfaces that can be on a FlexLM server. I'm suspicious that if I tried to use the eth10-eth15 interfaces, that lmgrd would not serve these licenses.

Any thoughts>

Kind regards, Marc
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Level 6

Yes, there is a limit of 10 Ethernet devices. Version changed this (FNP-9885). Presumably Flexera has removed this limit on all platforms. However, the release notes only explicitly mention Mac OS X, so it is possible that Windows still has a 10 device limit.
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Level 2


We are using on Windows. We are using publisher api lc_hostid for detecting the hostids and facing the same issue for more than 10 mac addresses (mac addresses of 11th, 12th, .. NICs are showing as 00000000000). Can you please confirm if the limit is removed in Windows also or not? We haven't tested in Mac OS X.

Also the lmhostid.exe output is like this:

lmhostid - Copyright (c) 1989-2015 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.
The FlexNet host ID of this machine is ""02004c4f4f50 02004c4f4f50 02004c4f4f50 02004c4f4f50 02004c4f4f50 02004c4f4f50 02004c4f4f50 02004c4f4f50 02004c4f4f50 02004c4f4f50 000000000600""

Is there any update available where this limit is removed for Windows?

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You can get the hostid of the server machine by running FLEXlm's lmhostid utility on that
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Flexera Alumni

The limitation of considering only 10 Ethernet ID's are still very much relevant. In FNP- , an issue over OS X was fixed (a crash in case of having more than 10 Ethernet adapters).

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