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Floating licenes - count only one license per host?

We offer our clients both dongle (no server) based flex and server based floating flex licensing.

For our dongle users they can use multiple instances of our application because we set the feature to uncounted.
example license file:

#Geocosm Touchstone license
FEATURE BLAH ourcompany 1.000 01-mar-2014 uncounted \
HOSTID=FLEXID=9-05b7638f SIGN="005E FDDA 526E 2928 A2C4 D7C8 \
9D9A A1C1 6C0C FC0B A602 A055 2C97 629A 1F08 2066 93D3 C100 \
495A 12B4 593E"

For our server based floating users we want to allow the users to run multiple instances of our software on a host but only count that as one license checked out from the server. Is there any way to do that. With the license file below:

SERVER Greg-MSI dca97138fc4d
VENDOR ourcompany PORT=14000
FEATURE BLAH ourcompany 1.0 11-dec-2016 5 HOSTID=ANY SIGN="020A \
10E9 D888 291F 12E9 6829 E1F5 A07C E336 7FE6 8101 23AB 6C35 \
71F0 EC35 1A83 5EFE D5F9 0ABD BFB8 AA90"

If one user had 5 instances of our application running and another user tried to get a license they would fail.

Is there anyway to specify that each host is only to be counted once when it checks out a feature? Using the HOSTID isn't really usable since we would have to know the host ids at the time of license file generation and sort of defeats the purpose of floating licenses.

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You need to add the DUP_GROUP field in the license. Look at the doc for DUP_GROUP (or duplicate grouping). You probably want DUP_GROUP=H or DUP_GROUP=UH.
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