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Level 4

Connection timeout with unreachable server


When testing a license key with
lc_checkout(job, feat, ver, 1, LM_CO_LOCALTEST, &vcode, LM_DUP_NONE)
the application oftentimes blocks for more than one minute if the specified license server is not reachable. But it returns immediately, if there is no network connection at all, i.e., if the network cable is physically unplugged.

Is there any switch or option to lower this connection timeout? I found ls_conn_timeout, but this is set to 20 sec by default, but I observed far longer blocking times.
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Level 3

I am facing a similar issue with lc_heartbeat() call. When the network goes down, then sometimes this call never returns. I have been communicating with FlexEra from the past 8 months but still no progress.
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Level 6

Check out the documentation for TCP_NODELAY. It tends to fix this issue but it has some drawbacks (and probably to more than just your application).
I see this behavior quite often. It is just normal networking timeouts when trying to connect to a machine that is supposed to be there but isn't responding. You'll probably see the same types of delays with ping, rsh, etc.
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