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Unable to connect to AWS Redshift

Unable to connect to AWS Redshift


Sometimes we are getting the exception "9999: [Incident# 9444-31116] java.lang.Exception: Unable to connect to AWS Redshift. See log for details" when we run the getDeviceRequest webservice (getDeviceRequest.JPG) and when we open the Devices page in the FNO UI under Devices menu --> FlexNet Embedded --> Devices (Open Device page.png) how to resolve this exception. 


1. Web service throw the exception because the tenant does not have the Update and Insight feature currently enabled but send a getDeviceRequest xml with "<updates>True</updates> ", so if the tenant does not have this feature enabled then best practice to use the XML code "<updates>false</updates> " always to avoid this exception. 

2. If we keep getting the exception when we try to open the Device page then create an FNO support case to resolve this error. 

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