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Moving a device/host will cause an internal split with add-ons mapped

Moving a device/host will cause an internal split with add-ons mapped

Using the split line item functionality, it is only possible to split the unfulfilled quantity on a line item.

If a partial quantity of a line item has been fulfilled and this needs to be split, then the following steps can be followed to achieve this.


1) Entitle the account :

    Entitle the account on which the Device was added (View Account -> Entitle -> Entitle Account).
    Create an order line (View Entitlement -> Edit Entitlement -> Add Line items with all details).



2) Add a device,Assign owner and Map Add-ons:

    Under Manage Hosts -> Devices -> Add Device.

    Under Edit -> Assign Owner, Add the Owner Account details as seen below.

    Under Add-ons ->  Map Add-ons, Give the number of units to be configurred on the device.



 3)  Check for the Allocation Details:

      View Entitlement - > View Allocation

      Full quantity of the order line is allocated to the account owning the entitlement.



4)Move the Device to Other Account:

   Manage Hosts -> Search Device -> Edit -> Move Device to target Account.



5) After Moving the device, we observe that an internal split has occurred on the Order Line as seen below.

     - Allocations have been assigned to the account that is the new owner of the device, with different Activation Code.

     - The allocation quantity will be the quantity that was fulfilled on the device.

     - The remaining quantity on the original line item will reduce.














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