Flexera's Download Manager

Flexera's Download Manager


How does it work?



Flexera's Download Manager does not use either ActiveX control or Flash.

The Download Manger checks the Origin HTTP header and validates the security of the download URLs using JSON Web Token Authentication.  Flexera's Download Manager only works with FlexNet Operations.

The Download Manager pre-allocates a temporary download file in the installed users Downloads folder. When the file is fully downloaded the temporary file is renamed and may be accessed by the user.



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It's great news that we got a new download manager.

But what we would really need a an automated way to download software and get the SHA256 in parallel to verify.

Today you cannot use curl to download software because of the mentioned verification.

What we would really need is an automated, scripted download with curl with either user/password for a token that we can get generated with the account to pass to the download request.

Feel free to contact me offline for detailed requirements.

I am working for a HCL business partner and we are working with many customers who need automated downloads for Docker and other implementations.

Having an automated way to download software is a critical requirements for many of our customers.

Daniel Nashed
(HCL Lifetime Ambassador & IBM Lifetime Champion)




indeed, can I contact to you if there is something wrong? I hope there is nothing wrong but just in case

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