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FlexNet Operations Cloud Certificate Update

FlexNet Operations Cloud Certificate Update


FlexNet-Operations-Cloud-Certificate-Update Systems affected: Production and UAT URLs for: (every two years) (every two years)


FlexNet Operations Cloud Certificate Update

Action Required. Please read entirely.

Flexera uses SSL certificates to protect the transmission of sensitive information for FlexNet Operations Cloud web servers and to establish a secure line of communication between you and the application.

Google?s plan to distrust certificates issued prior to 6/1/2016 under the Symantec/Thawte infrastructure you need to apply new certificates. The information below describes how this impacts FlexNet Operations Cloud and the specific URLs which make use of the certificates, including scheduled dates for renewal.

Products Impacted and Critical Dates
The Producer Portal certificates are used for the management endpoints within FlexNet Operations Cloud. Depending on your product, you will be impacted in a different way.
The product-specific tables below represent the URLs which make use of certificates, along with scheduled dates for renewal.

To ensure there are no interruptions with your integration, please make sure you install the new certificates, reissued through the Digicert infrastructure, on your systems before the renewal date and test your integrations in UAT before August 21, 2018.

FlexNet Operations Cloud (ALM) uses t
he production compliance endpoint certificate (

FlexNet Operations (LLM) uses the
production compliance endpoint certificate (
* Some customers may still use the legacy * (Enterprise Portal) and (Producer Portal) certificates.

EnvironmentURLReplacement Date
UAT Producer Portalmanageruat.subscribenet.com6/19/2018
UAT End User Portal*.subscribenet.com6/19/2018
UAT Compliance Endpoint*.compliance.flexnetoperations.com6/19/2018
PROD Producer Portalmanager.subscribenet.com8/21/2018
PROD End User Portal*.subscribenet.com8/21/2018
PROD Compliance Endpoint*.compliance.flexnetoperations.com8/21/2018
* Note the latest certificates are available in the zip file attached to this article.

The rest of the certificates used by FlexNet Operations LLM certificates are not affected by the Google plan until 9/13/2018. We anticipate publishing an update by early 2018 Q3.

FlexNet Embedded
There are two types of communications between FlexNet Embedded and FlexNet Operations Cloud (ALM or LLM).

1. Direct communication from a device or server to FlexNet Operations Cloud:
a. or

In this situation, you should patch your current installer to provide both the current Thawte certificate and the new DigiCert certificate, phasing the Thawte certificate out at their next release. Do this prior to August 21, 2018.

2. Direct communication to a cloud license server

The compliance endpoint was updated in UAT on June 19, 2018 and will be updated in Production on August 21, 2018.

Some customers have found their target platforms do not always have the Thawte certificate currently used by Flexera for FlexNet Embedded and have had to add the certificate to their deployment packages. Because of this, the FlexNet Embedded toolkit has been shipping with a copy of the Thawte certificate.

Included in this article is a zip file of the new flexnet.certs file. The new flexnet.certs file contains both the old (Thawte) and new (DigiCert) certificate information to use with your FlexNet Embedded implementation.

Customers with SAML SSO

If you use SAML Single-Sign-On (SSO) for FlexNet Operations Cloud see for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What steps does an end-user need to take on or after the renewal date?
A. The first time a user goes to the URL on or after the date of renewal, the user may be prompted to accept the new certificate by the browser. If prompted, the only step is to accept the new certificate.

Q. What steps should a FlexNet Embedded customer take, if they have FlexNet Embedded clients communicating with FlexNet Operations Cloud and/or cloud license servers?
A. This is unique to how FlexNet Embedded is configured to find the root certificate. Please see the section titled FlexNet Embedded above.

Q. What happens if my company is using the certificate for integration purposes with Flexera?
A. Please forward this information to the group who manages the integration and have them follow the steps outlined in the FlexNet Operations Integration Guide: A Guide to Integrating with FlexNet Operations, available via the Documentation page in the Producer Portal - page 16 details the steps to follow for updating the certificates.

Q. Where can I find the new certificates?
A. The new certificates are attached to this article.

Q. What is the critical date I need to remember?
A. To ensure there are no interruptions with your integration, please make sure you install the new certificate on your systems before the renewal date and test your integrations in UAT before August 21, 2018.

Q. Where can I sign up to receive critical customer notifications, including planned and unplanned outages?
A. Please visit this website to sign up for either Email or SMS messaging notifications.

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