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Online licensing?

My company has been using FlexNet Publisher as license system for a long time. Our customers are requesting a more web friendly license handling hosted by us rather than having them installing license servers (lmadmin) on their network. I have been browsing the Flexera site with very specific functions in mind and I just want to confirm I'm on the right track when looking at FlexNet Operations.

We have imagined that both our web applications and desktop application start by asking the user to log in with a user of some sort that is approved by us. Users are then checked for assigned licenses in some way, may it be a personal license or access to a license pool associated with the users company. Basically the same functionality we get from local license file or connection to a license server, but as an online system that is not hosted at the users company.

Can we achieve this with FlexNet Operations in some way? If so, what kind of modules do we need access to and how much of this is ready out-of-the-box?

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Hi @pierre_olsson ,

Yes, you are on the right track.  FlexNet Operations has a Cloud Monetization module that includes Cloud-based License Servers.  Customer using on-premise or web-based applications can request licenses from a unique Cloud Server Instance hosted within FlexNet Operations.  Note that in order to request licenses from a Cloud License Server your application needs to be instrumented with either FlexNet Embedded Licensing or the Cloud Monetization (REST) API.   Cloud Servers are not supported with FlexNet Publisher Licensing.    Please reach out to your Flexera Account Manager for additional details.