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How to support a rental model in FNO.

We need to  allow customers to rent our PC-based software for one month terms and not worry about creating special entitlements for each customer or even necessarily tracking the customer.   I'd like to come up with some kind of License Model that lets me do that.  But I'd like to be able to do it without completely disabling the FNO "Account Check" policy.  Is this possible?

 "Account Check" tracks entitlement customer accounts vs the machines that use them.  .  FNO will not allow you to activate two activation IDs from two different customers on the same machine 

It seems that no matter how I create an entitlement even one for a trial use, I have to associate it with some customer account.  Yes?

So once a customer uses that entitlement, their computer gets associated with that account.  If they come back later and want to buy the software (and we give them a real customer account), we must do extra work to "disassociate" their PC with that  trial account so they can activate the software without tripping over FNO's "account check"

Or we have to disable "account check" altogether on FNO in this setting:

System >> Configure >> FlexNet Operations >> Embedded Device Settings >> Skip Account Check

Is there some other, better options I am missing here.  How should I go about supporting a one-month rental model like this?

So that if a customer uses one of these one-month trials and then later on

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