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Re: How to obtain unique ID's

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thank you for your example(s), seems to create line items now (even though I get a '9999:java.lang.NullPointerException' a failed response, I can see the new line item populated.
Now this only works if I specify an 'id' for the entitlement.
What I would like is, to create a new entitlement and new line items. I use the createSimpleEntitlement, am I correct to assume this webservice should do both or I would need to have a 2 steps process?
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Re: How to obtain unique ID's

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Hi @ptancre ,

You should not have to provide an entitlement id.  If you would like FNO to create a unique entitlement id then set autoGenerate to true:


You can create a new entitlement with multiple line items in one pass.  Simply repeat the information between the lineItems tags for each entitlement line.  I have attached an example with an auto-generated entitlement id and two line items.

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